Here’s what some of Terrie’s clients have to say:


As a competitive athlete Terrie has been providing me with post event sports recovery massage for some time now. I have come to rely on her services so that  they are now part of my training/ recovery regimen. She is very attuned to what needs to be done to keep me on the road. She just knows what to do! The day after visiting Terrie my training workouts flow like water. She is the best! Highly recommended..


“Terrie is a skilled and attentive therapist who is able to work wonders on stiff muscles and help improve flexibility. Her manner is welcoming, and visits with her are a pleasure as well as a physical benefit.”

Tom F.


Many years ago, I had a very serious foot sprain injury which never really healed and led me down a road of chronic extreme pain . After many,many tests and many different Drs. ,it was finally decided a had RSD Syndrome (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy). The prognosis was not good ,and after many types of treatments, including spinal injections ,pain killers of all kinds,I gave up any hope of relief. I feared I would never walk again and the pain was unrelenting. Sometime later on,I saw an ad for Neuromuscular Therapy in our local paper and decided in a last desperate attempt for relief to give it a try.
This is where I began my healing journey and met Terrie Grant ,who has helped me not only to reduce my pain ,but I was finally able to walk again! I will never be able to thank her enough for giving me my life back over a period of time. Her deep tissue massage broke up scar tissue, increased circulation and made a world of difference for me and no drugs necessary! I continue to go for occasional treatments and highly recommend her for chronic pain conditions!

Judi B.

Love working with Terrie!!!  I have been her client , every other week,  for many years!!!  She is SO Good and knowledgeable about Massage Therapy and any other ailments you might have!!!  I Highly Recommend Terrie Grant !!!!

Jane from Needham

Professional, knowledgable and an absolute miracle worker. Terrie is the best.

New Hampshire

Terrie is passionate about her work and has helped me on multiple occasions. She is great with sports injuries. I highly recommend her.



Terrie Grant is a very talented massage therapist. I have herniated discs so I am very particular about the massages I get. I was experiencing some tightness in my lower back and had I heard very good things about Terrie, so I decided to check her out. She did an excellent job of working my muscles and relieving my pain. She asked a lot of questions about my past medical history and my discomfort before we began and was very knowledgable about injuries like mine. She applied just the right amount of pressure. In the past I have visited therapists who are way too hard on my muscles, making the experience super painful. Terrie was cognizant of working the muscles, but also creating a relaxing and pleasurable experience. I felt great when I left. I would recommend Terrie to anyone. She was a true professional, but also quite friendly and personable. Her office is also immaculate. Top notch experience.

Jamaica Plain

Terrie has helped me heal a hamstring injury and done wonders for my back and neck issues. If you have an injury or are looking for preventative maintenance, you won’t find anyone better.